ORCAS Expands Childrens Asthma Program to Emphasize the Condition’s Seriousness

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EUGENE, OR, October 30, 2012 ā€” ORCAS, a healthcare technology company specializing in self-management products that improve physical and emotional well-being, has announced the additions of an educational video and blog to their LungtropolisĀ® program.

LungtropolisĀ® (http://www.lungtropolis.com) was developed as a result of a collaborative effort between ORCAS and the American Lung Association. It was designed as an interactive and educational web-based game for children, ages 5-10, with asthma while providing parents of these children with the material and guidance they need to be able to better manage their child’s asthma. LungtropolisĀ® offers information on what triggers an asthma attack and what medications are needed to keep the children in control of their condition and out of the emergency room.

The latest enhancements consist of an educational video, (http://www.orcasinc.com/products/lungtropolis) that is designed for health plan providers and explains in detail the serious consequences of asthma, introduces the LungtropolisĀ® game and offers information on how the providers can integrate this type of educational disease management tool into their own health and wellness programs.

“It is not news to health plan providers that asthma is a dangerous and costly condition,” explained Theresa Mulvihill, Director of Product Development at ORCAS. “This group, especially, is always looking for unique and effective digital content that can build brand awareness while improving patient health and reducing cost. LungtropolisĀ® meets all these criteria in a fun, engaging format.”

In addition to the video, ORCAS also has launched a LungtropolisĀ® blog (http://lungtropolis.com/blog) that will offer information on a variety of topics, such as the connection between allergies and asthma symptoms, managing asthma costs, and working with children on how they can better control their asthma. Parents can access the blog at no charge.

“ORCAS has combined state-of-the-art science, engaging game design and entertaining content to create a web-based technology aimed at better serving the health management needs of young children who suffer from asthma and their parents,” Mulvihill explained. “These latest enhancements to the LungtropolisĀ® program gives providers and consumers alike the know-how and skills to more effectively treat this chronic condition and enable these children to live normal, active lives.”

Asthma affects more than seven million children and accounts for 14.4 million school days lost each year. It also is the third leading cause of hospitalization of children under age 15.

ORCAS is a healthcare technology company that creates self-management products to improve physical and emotional well-being. ORCAS brings over 20 years of experience combining behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to create a simple, social, and fun experience for the user. The majority of ORCAS programs are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. All ORCAS products undergo scientific validation studies. Our mission is to create a culture of health, one life at a time. For more information about ORCAS, visit www.orcasinc.com.


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