BIG Affirmative Action: Managing the Unique Challenges

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COLUMBIA, MD–February 4, 2014 Berkshire Associates, a human resources consulting and technology firm that assists companies in building their ideal, balanced workforce, releases its latest white paper, “BIG Affirmative Action: Managing the Unique Challenges of Large Affirmative Action Planning” which discusses the unique challenges contractors face when developing large or multiple affirmative action plans (AAPs), and ways to make the process easier.

Creating a small, single AAP can be very complex and time-consuming, but managing a very large plan, or multiple AAPs, can be extremely overwhelming. From managing data to meeting the latest regulation updates, large companies have a lot to juggle to remain compliant. This informative white paper provides tips on how to effectively manage the following areas of your BIG AAP:

– Data and Plan Structure
– Job Group Structure
– Availability
– Narratives
– Communication
To access this free white paper, please click here.

For media inquiries, please contact Lauren Collinson at or 800.882.8904, ext. 1307.

About Berkshire Associates:
Berkshire Associates is a human resources consulting and technology firm, specializing in helping companies build the ideal, balanced workforce. As an industry leader, Berkshire provides the latest tools and services for affirmative action, applicant management, compensation management, workforce planning, diversity, and professional training. For over 30 years, Berkshire has serviced the nation’s most recognizable companies; and as a result has mastered providing clients with cost-effective solutions to everyday human resources challenges.



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