HRSG Releases CompetencyCore Software Update Version 7.3

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Hunt Club Business Park, Ottawa, — HRSG, a leading innovator in competency-based talent management, today announced a major new release of its signature CompetencyCore software. Version 7.3 of the widely used software is designed to support greater functionality, ease of use, and customization.

CompetencyCore is already used by organizations around the world, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It is one of few programs to act as a central hub to turn competencies into the ultimate talent management tool, allowing organizations to make significant strides in improving hiring and retention, assessment, learning and development, and more.

CompetencyCore 7.3 adds a new Organization section, a Tasks module, multiple report templates, Teams, and job board integration. These features have all been implemented with client feedback in mind, and also introduce several upgrades such as a live save, intuitive icons, and more.

Headline features of CompetencyCore 7.3:

A new Organization section – It’s now easier than ever to link users and positions. We’re introducing Departments to replace our Contact Groups feature, making it easier to assess and assign users.

The introduction of Tasks – Keep track of what you have on the go using the ‘My Tasks’ page that includes assessments, surveys, plans, and more!

Multiple report templates – We’re making it possible for you to receive custom reports for your organization.

Announce your job openings – A brand new module that gives you the ability to post jobs internally to your employees, or broadcast them to the world.

For more about these exciting new features, check out the product release blog posts linked above. They have in-depth information about the changes to come, and the benefits for your organization. Going forward, stay tuned for further CompetencyCore updates, as HRSG is looking forward to consistently improving functionality and is introducing several other new tools in Beta.

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About HRSG
Together, our team of senior consultants, industrial-organizational psychologists, and subject-matter experts develop and deploy competency content and strategy for Fortune 500s, small and mid-sized companies, and the public sector. For more than 25 years, we have helped our clients use competencies to define their talent needs, address skill deficiencies, and improve individual and organizational performance. Our extensive real-world experience enables us to develop tools that are practical and flexible as well as reflective of HR best practices.


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