TalentCulture 2023 Human Resources Tech Winners Announced

Portland, OR (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Feb 16, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Pacific —

TalentCulture, a leading thought leadership outlet and promotions consultancy, announces the 2023 winners of this year’s human resources technology entries. The selected HR technologies are chosen based on a strict and defined grid of requirements that range from a thorough demonstration of the technology’s attributes to successfully deliver on its promise and satisfy the end-user successfully, to a background check of user and employee comments of the product and brand.

“We’re excited to bring these fine technologies to the attention of the TalentCulture Community members, our website visitors, and all professionals in the field of Human Resources and recruiting. How technology is developed and used in the workplace remains a consistent focal point for us at TalentCulture. We’re thrilled to be actively seeking technologies that humanize the importance of solving everyday problems. We can’t stress enough how important it is to know that any technology we select is user-friendly and provides a great experience to promote willing user adoption,” comments Meghan M. Biro, CEO, TalentCulture.

Making the 2023 list of notable brands are first-time winners Fama, Ferretly, Learnsoft, PivotCX, and Radancy.

The prestigious list of second-year winners includes Humaxa, Simply and Tatio.

The esteemed list of third-year winners is Cangrade, crosschq, Humantelligence, Salary.com, talent.com, and WorkTango.

The enduring list of four-time winners is Joveo and NAS Recruitment Innovation.

“Our goal with the awards program is to recognize and promote the technologies that bring their functionality to light to the influential and savvy TalentCulture buying audience. In keeping with the TalentCulture Technology awards from previous years, we’ve designed a program that recognizes technological excellence across multiple functions in Human Resources and recruiting. We have vetted all winners, so we’re familiar with each. We’re proud and honored to acknowledge these outstanding companies and to showcase their products on the TalentCulture website,” states Cyndy Trivella, Managing Partner, TalentCulture.

You can learn more about the TalentCulture HR Tech Awards winners here.

2023 marks the fourth year for the HR Tech Awards program, with plans in place for preparing the 2024 awards and beyond.

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