TechScreen Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Technical Interview Platform, Transforming IT Recruitment

Mansfield, MA ( Tuesday Aug 1, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Pacific — TechScreen, the world’s only SaaS product that enables recruiters to conduct detailed interviews of IT candidates without in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, has taken a significant step forward. Today, the company announced the launch of TechScreen 5.0, powered by AI Verify, an innovative solution in the technical evaluation space that sets it apart from other AI-powered SaaS offerings.

A Level Playing Field in IT Recruitment
AI Verify enables TechScreen to process live interviews and evaluate the accuracy and efficacy of candidate answers. This technological advancement addresses a long-standing struggle for companies screening technical candidates, offering a level playing field for recruiters across the industry.

TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton, who has made it his life’s mission to enhance recruiters’ ability to qualify IT candidates, expressed his enthusiasm for the product’s evolution. “I created TechScreen in 2016 to level the playing field for recruiters in being able to screen IT candidates, but they still had to interpret their detailed technical explanations. Our UI highlighted the key terms to help recruiters track the candidate’s answer, but we have removed that from the equation.”

Understanding Candidates Like Never Before
AI Verify’s features include an overall summary and a detailed analysis of each answer in an interview. Clients can forward this comprehensive report to hiring managers for evaluation. Additionally, a link in the PDF report allows interested parties to listen to the audio of the interview.

Mr. Knowlton also reflected on the industry’s historical contempt for recruiters’ perceived lack of technical acumen. He said, “TechScreen 5.0 with AI Verify enables IT recruiters to interact with technical professionals at a peer level, addressing an issue that has led to criticism and ridicule in the past.”

Economic Impact and Industry Disruption
The potential economic impact is substantial. A study by indicated that the US economy loses $160 billion annually due to the lost productivity of unfilled positions. With the average time-to-fill at 52 days, as highlighted by HR leader Josh Bersin, the need for a solution like TechScreen’s becomes evident.

“We are solving the single biggest pain point in IT Recruiting,” Knowlton stated, further emphasizing how TechScreen plans to “alter the course of history in how companies hire knowledge workers.”

A Future Beyond IT Recruitment
TechScreen is going to expand its portfolio to cover all categories of knowledge workers: Engineering, Healthcare, Legal, Biotech, Nursing, Aviation, and any other vertical that requires specialized professional knowledge.

Knowlton explained the practical implications: “Most recruiters enter the space as new college grads, forced to learn their industry on the job. TechScreen injects subject matter expertise without the need for painful rote memorization.”

A New Era in HR Tech
TechScreen sees AI Verify as a critical step towards automation in hiring, enabling the qualification of specialist candidates on the first contact. “We are going to disrupt HR Tech with as much resonance as the introduction of the browser,” said Knowlton. “We are wiping out learning curves that used to take years and bringing it down to one click.”

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About TechScreen
TechScreen, powered by AI Verify, is the world’s only SaaS product that lets a recruiter conduct a detailed interview of an IT candidate without truly knowing the underlying content. TechScreen allows a recruiter to identify the technology they are recruiting for in the system, then both the right technical questions. With our AI Verify, the candidate is evaluated from the call and provides the recruiter with a detailed analysis and summary of the candidate with scoring. Based in Mansfield, MA, TechScreen is changing the world of technical evaluation for recruiters.

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