Benefits Communication Best Practices from FORTUNE 100 Best Places to Work

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How do Fortune 100 Best Places to Work communicate open enrollment changes and engage employees on benefit-related topics?

Adobe Systems and Meridian Health have both ranked on the FORTUNE 100 Best Places to Work repeatedly in recent years. Both are leading organizations in their respective industries. And both have embraced the trend of using video as an integral part of their benefits communications strategies.

Though coming from very different backgrounds, technology and healthcare, Adobe Systems and Meridian Health share some of the same HR needs that large organizations experience. Each of their workforces are distributed over multiple domestic and, in Adobe’s case, international offices. The need to ensure consistent HR messaging across these locations is important. As is the need to have a scalable benefits communications strategy: to use HR resources efficiently and effectively.

That’s not to say only large companies can truly benefit from video-based benefits communications. Common to all organizations, Adobe Systems and Meridian Health also need to communicate employee benefits information to family decision-makers and to provide information to employees at their convenience.

Learn more about how Adobe Systems and Meridian Health improved their benefits communications and saved time and money.


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