Larry Sternberg Interviews Legendary Hotelier Horst Schulze on Mentoring with Larry Sternberg Hosted by VoiceAmerica

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Larry Sternberg Interviews Legendary Hotelier Horst Schulze on Mentoring with Larry Sternberg Hosted by VoiceAmerica

Mentoring with Larry Sternberg, the innovative and motivational talk radio show hosted by speaker and former Talent Plus (R) president – Larry Sternberg hosts mentors from across the globe and begins its inaugural year of broadcasting on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio.

(Lincoln, Nebr.) – Talent Plus, Inc. (R) is excited to announce that Talent Plus Fellow, Larry Sternberg will host Horst Schulze, a legendary hotelier, on his show, Mentoring with Larry Sternberg. The episode will premiere Thursday, September 22, 2016, at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.

Schulze currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capella Hotels and Resorts and Solis Hotels and Resorts. He co-founded The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, during which time he filled several roles including president. During his time at The Ritz-Carlton, the organization was a two-time recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Schulze has also been the recipient of HOTELS Magazine’s “Corporate Hotelier of the World.” He is an oft-requested speaker and stands by a motto of impeccable service to guests around the world. Schulze is quoted as saying “I have done things with excellence, now it is time to do things of significance.” A motto to live by.

Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus President and Chairman, shared the following statement, “At Talent Plus, we are committed to helping our client partners like Capella Hotels and Resorts and Solis Hotels and Resorts and The Ritz-Carlton create memorable guest experiences. Horst Schulze’s goal is the same. Horst’s passion for the hospitality industry and for delivering an elite experience is always top of mind. He truly believes that ‘we are ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentleman,” and he ensures every guest experiences the most superior care at his hotels.”

“Horst Schulze has achieved unparalleled success as a hotelier. I invited him to share his stories about people who helped shape his philosophies and practices as a leader. Schulze has always stressed the importance of striving for excellence and being open to learning and growth, even when you’re established as an expert in your profession,” stated Larry Sternberg, Talent Plus Fellow and Host of Mentoring with Larry Sternberg.

Sternberg serves as an innovative thinker within the human resources industry. As a talented and effective speaker with a knack for teaching and a great sense of humor, he has a reputation as an expert speaker. Through a blend of humor and inspirational advice, Sternberg delivers powerful messages. Currently, he serves as Talent Plus Fellow and a member of the Board of Directors at Talent Plus, Inc. headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mentoring with Larry Sternberg, is broadcast live every Thursday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. The program focuses on relationships shared between mentors and their mentees. Each week, Sternberg interviews a mentor or mentee to learn more about how their relationship developed and the importance a mentor plays in an individual’s life, both professionally and personally. Archives of Mentoring with Larry Sternberg can be found at

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