New Checkster Report Reveals Biggest Myth In Talent Acquisition

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Novato, Calif. / Sept. 14, 2017 — A new report by Checkster, the global leader in talent decisions, reveals the biggest myth held by many senior people in talent acquisition: interviewing is much better than anything to predict future employee’s performance, especially in comparison to digital reference checking. The report, titled: “The biggest myth held by talent acquisition professionals and why it holds them back,” uses hard data to prove the myth wrong, and provides insights that help Talent Acquisition leaders to boost their careers.

“In a rapidly changing world, experience can be a liability,” states Checkster CEO Yves Lermusi. “So can mistaken preconceptions. Interviewing is far from the best way to predict performance and avoid bad hires, especially in comparison to digital reference checking.”

Some leaders don’t think asking for a reference will provide value because they’ve tried so many times before with poor results. The world, however, has changed. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder & Greylock Partner, once said, “Employers put too much weight on interviews, and too little weight on references… If you told me, ‘Pick one’ — you could either get references or an interview – I would pick references every day of the week”.

The report can be accessed here: [ ]

About Checkster: As the leader in web-based talent decision tools, Checkster enables organizations to make better talent decisions. Using the new science of collective intelligence and the ubiquity of social networks to deliver fast, accurate social ratings, Checkster give organizations certainty in new hire decisions and employee promotions.


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