Press Release: California Talent Search Firm is the Lighting Industry’s 6 Degrees of Separation

March 27, 2018 No comments | Back To Home

Wimbush and Associates, Inc.: A Lighting Industry Talent Search Firm, has taken a strategic data mining approach to our recruiting efforts. Over the last few years we have created a hub of networking opportunity, which has connected us with over 6,000 lighting agency professionals, 9,000 lighting designers and engineering professionals, and 10,000 lighting manufacturing professionals.

Finding talent, especially in a tight labor market, is challenging. By creating such a vast network, we are best able to match interested candidates with interesting career opportunities and vice-versa, match employers with eager candidates. Check us out at to learn more.

I thought this news would be interesting for your readers or anyone in the lighting industry space who is looking for help finding talented employees or someone who is looking for new career opportunities.

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