Birkman International To Hosts World Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana, August 3, 2016 – Birkman International is hosting its 2016 Birkman Conference, Birkman Takes the Big Easy, in diverse and energetic New Orleans. Birkman Takes the Big Easy will be filled with learning and change, as client companies and consultants from six continents gather at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans to hear from dozens of thought-leaders in the industry, as well as preview Birkman’s new products, reports, platforms, and services.

Sharon Birkman Fink, President and CEO explains, “Since our founding 65 years ago, there has been an ongoing dedication to continuous research, development, and innovative improvement. The hiring of new talent and strides in technology have accelerated the recent pace of change over the last two years at Birkman. As a result, we have never been more excited about the quantity and quality of the changes to preview at this year’s conference. I chose Birkman Takes the Big Easy as our 2016 theme for two reasons: first, because we’ll be in New Orleans, and second, because we’re working hard to make it easier than ever to do business with Birkman and to benefit from the value of The Birkman Method(R).”

Beginning Wednesday August 3rd and continuing through Friday August 5th there will be over 35 sessions for Birkman users to learn in-depth applications and interpretation methods for the assessment, as well as attend special breakout sessions focused around the exciting developments that will be launched in January 2017.

Birkman’s goal is to make this week as rich in learning as possible, while encouraging attendees to network and learn ways people in different companies, industries, and countries continue to reach further through the power of personality.

About Birkman International
Birkman helps people and organizations improve performance through its behavioral and occupational assessment. The Birkman Method(R) provides insights into a person’s Interests, Usual Behaviors, Needs, and Stress Behaviors in memorable report formats that are both empowering and constructive. Birkman is a favorite choice of organizational development and HR professionals, life coaches, career counselors, educators, and consultants. The Birkman Method(R) has decades of proven scientific validity and continues to stay at the forefront of the personality assessment field.

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