Black Swan Solutions(R) Launches Mobile Database to Enhance Organizational Crisis Response

Milwaukee, WI -OCTOBER 23, 2014-Black Swan Solutions, a business unit of Empathia and a leader in helping organizations support employees and customers affected by a crisis or disaster has launched a mobile version of its client database, one that improves vital communications during and after an organization experiences a high impact event.
For example, to expedite the evacuation process during a crisis, the mobile version of Black Swan Solutions’ database allows organizations to quickly and accurately account for their employees, provide details about those missing, and generate reports containing aggregated, pertinent data for first responders. This innovative technology, paired with Black Swan Solutions’ stand-ready call center, helps client organizations respond quickly, efficiently, and compassionately when faced with a crisis.
Also, the Black Swan Solutions website has been enhanced to emphasize the versatility and scope of its unique offerings, all tailored to industry specific needs.
“Whether an epidemic, a workplace shooting, or data breach, the need for effective crisis preparation, rapid response and longer term recovery has always been crucial for organizations and its members,” said Michelle Colosimo, Manager of Black Swan Solutions. “I am pleased that our new features and mobile site will help organizations address these important needs.”
For more than 30 years, Black Swan Solutions has been working with organizations to better prepare, respond to, and recover from crises. For more information about Black Swan Solutions visit or call 1 888 723-2466.
About Black Swan Solutions
Black Swan Solutions’ turnkey approach enables organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the human impact of any type of crisis. Integrating the expertise of masters-prepared, crisis response professionals with state-of-the-art-technology, Black Swan Solutions mitigates organizational risk by ensuring that people get the timely and accurate information they seek during and after a crisis. As a result of our capabilities, customers can rapidly communicate with stakeholders, demonstrate compassion for victims, and protect their reputation.