Broadbean Technology and Xceptional HR Partner

Newport Beach, CA 19 June 2012 — Broadbean Technology is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Social HR and Recruiting powerhouse, Jessica Miller-Merrell’s Xceptional HR. Adding Xceptional HR to its total offering makes perfect sense for Broadbean Technology as social media becomes a necessary and fundamental tool for HR and Recruiting. Xceptional HR provides businesses with social media, mobile, recruitment strategies, and, of course, human resources consulting and holds the portfolio company, a popular HR and Business blogging forum which sees 100,000 plus visitors per month.

Broadbean CEO and Founder Kelly Robinson shares, “For the last eleven years, Broadbean has sought to offer the best service to its clients. Part of that practice is providing optimal client services and customized consultation as technology continually evolves. Our partnership with Jessica Miller-Merrell and Xceptional HR allows opportunity for our clients to not only learn about, but also understand, what’s trending in social media, mobile, and technology. Jessica knows how social has changed the way we communicate and recruit; we want this for our clients too.”

Broadbean Global Partnership Director Jon Flahive continues, “Over the last two years, Broadbean has experienced exponential growth. Miller-Merrell’s expertise fits nicely with that growth and the media strategy consulting we currently offer. And Jessica was recently named as the 8th Most Powerful Woman on Twitter. This designation is impressive as she represents the only HR Professional named on that list. We are happy to bring Xceptional HR on board.”

Jessica Miller-Merrell of Xceptional HR and stated, “I’m excited to partner with a leading HR Technology company like Broadbean. Their reputation is second to none, and I’m looking forward to working with them and their clients to drive technology, innovation, and engagement using mobile, social media, and other workplace technologies.”

About Xceptional HR
Xceptional HR Consulting is a global workplace technology consultancy that provides technology, mobile, and social media training, strategy, and analysis for HR, Recruiting and senior organizational leadership teams. Founded in 2009, Xceptional HR focuses on workology, the convergence of technology, company culture, and engagement for candidates, employees, and leadership in the workplace.

About Broadbean Technology
Broadbean provides automated candidate sourcing tools to improve the hiring process. Our partner integrations allow you to multi-post jobs, as well as search for talent online with analytics that provide insight on successful recruiting channels, including social media.

With 35,000 users worldwide, Broadbean is good at getting it right. Reach as many candidates as possible. Understand what that reach means. Get the answers needed to determine effective job board spend. Streamline the online recruitment process.

Reach. Understand. Determine. Streamline. It’s that simple.