Candidate Assessments Focus of PrincetonOne's Most Recent White Paper

Skillman, New Jersey – December 2, 2009 – PrincetonOne, a total recruitment services provider based in Skillman, NJ, announced today the release of a new white paper regarding candidate assessments. The white paper, “Assessments 101: An Introduction to Candidate Testing,” provides an overview of several types of assessment tests, covering what each tool measures, its benefits and drawbacks and best use recommendations. The paper also highlights additional factors to consider when researching assessments, including legal aspects, validation and hiring process integration.

In today’s economic climate, with the unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, it can be difficult to separate top talent from the growing number of applicants. When used as part of the hiring process, assessments provide employers an effective way of helping decide which candidates are the most qualified for a specific job. A simple resume review and interview will not always unearth the most optimal hire. Assessments go beyond these typical means of analysis to highlight candidate qualities that might not have become evident during a more basic interview process.

Making the proper hiring decision is challenging in any economy; however, the high costs associated with poor hiring decisions can be especially crippling in today’s market. Estimates demonstrate that replacing valued performers can reach more than two times an employee’s salary for high-level or specialized positions. “Assessments allow managers to make more informed hiring decisions,” said PrincetonOne’s Chief Executive Officer Dave Campeas. “Because of this, employers should look at the actual expense of using an assessment as a low-cost insurance policy against an incorrect or underperforming hire.”

To learn more about candidate assessments, download the white paper, “Assessments 101: An Introduction to Candidate Testing,” at

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