CKR Interactive Launches Highly Anticipated HR Product Line

Global recruitment marketing agency CKR Interactive has announced the launch of three new recruitment solutions, developed to help optimize HR professionals’ recruitment efforts and ROI. This launch marks eleven years of business in the recruitment advertising realm for CKR, who celebrates its anniversary on April 1.

The new product line addresses the most common recruitment and retention pain points faced by employers today. Deployee™ utilizes CKR’s state-of-the-art laboratories to help employers develop employees that are the best fit for the organization, while Cloner™ enables them to simply clone their best employees — a sort of in-house employee referral system, if you will. The third product, ReTension™, helps employers ensure that their top talent will not leave them, even if they want to.

“We’re quite proud of this product line,” shares Curtis Rogers, CKR’s CEO/President. “While it was frustrating that it took my developers this long to finish their work, I’m very happy with the outcome and I know our clients will be too.”

Sr. Interactive Project Manager, Michelle Ferreira, adds, “Project managing the installations and launches of these projects is a real nightmare, but our clients are worth it.”

Requests for the new product line have been flooding in so rapidly that the agency decided to skip the beta phase and move straight to launch. “We’ve received so many requests for these products that we have a waiting list for the next year, but we’re in the process of cloning more resources to speed up the installation process,” Rogers explained.

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