DBSquared Releases White Paper to Direct Organizations Toward Reliable Pay Data

Reliable market pay data has been readily available in the past for a minimal charge, sometimes even for free. Today, with companies cutting back on HR staff and organizations becoming less apt to share this information, finding a reliable source can be a difficult task. Finding this information for an affordable price makes the task even more difficult.

The white paper was released to guide organizations in their search for reliable market data and to share insight on where to find this information. One reliable source, for instance, is the Department of Labor’s (DOL) data reported by Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA). The information is free, and the data has been found to be trustworthy. One factor to consider before using this information is that the data is about 12 to 18 months old. For an industry that is fairly static, this could be a great resource. For an industry that is rapidly changing, this source would probably not be the best fit.

Blair Johanson, Principal Partner of DBSquared, has been in the HR realm for over thirty years, and he has been in the business of collecting data and compiling salary surveys for organizations for over ten years. “Every organization needs to find the most information they can to ensure that their pay data is an objective measure,” Johanson said. “Collecting six to twelve different sources provides you with averages that you can feel comfortable with when trying to determine an accurate measure.”

The white paper is available at http://www.dbsquared.biz/whitepapers/Reliable_Market_Data_-_Does_It_Exist_and_Where.pdf.

DBSquared is a world-class provider of software products and services, and they specialize in compensation and classification. Dedicated to simplifying HR processes through the use of technology, Johanson Group Consulting and Applied Computer Technology merged their efforts in 2001. The Principal Partners of DBSquared have more than 60 years of combined experience within the realm of Human Resources, which is the foundation for every product launched by this organization. DBSquared is a Microsoft Partner and an Endorsed Vendor of the Arkansas Bankers Association and the Arkansas Municipal League. They have worked with hundreds of private and public organizations across 25 states within the U.S.

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