ENGAGE Talent Announces Integration with Bullhorn ATS/CRM to Accelerate Recruiting Workflow

ATLANTA, GA, Sept.18, 2018 — ENGAGE Talent, an artificial intelligence software company that provides predictive insights that enable employers to strategically source, target and engage with passive candidates, today announced a bidirectional integration with the Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

The integration will enable customers to send candidates from ENGAGE to Bullhorn with a single click, accelerating the recruiting workflow and ultimately reducing time to hire.

Bullhorn users achieve several benefits from the ENGAGE integration, including:

● More Candidates–From ENGAGE’s stream of 100 million passive candidates, users can quickly populate the Bullhorn ATS/CRM with candidates whose skills and experience are potential fits for job openings.
● Strategic Targeting–ENGAGE’s predictive availability scoring indicates which passive candidates are most likely to be interested in a new opportunity at a given time.
● Up-to-Date Candidate Information–ENGAGE can be used to instantly update candidate data, including contact information and work history, in Bullhorn.

More and more prudent organizations are targeting passive candidates due to a drastic shortage of unemployed jobseekers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job openings (6.6 million) now outnumber unemployed people (6.4 million). A CEB survey, meanwhile, found that time to fill has increased by 50 percent since 2010.

“Our mission as a company is to help organizations solve the critical problem of acquiring more high-quality talent in less time,” ENGAGE Talent CEO Joseph Hanna said. “What’s exciting about our integration with Bullhorn is it represents the next step in the solution.”

“Our AI-powered predictive passive candidate sourcing, targeting and engagement software has enabled recruiters to successfully access talent they otherwise wouldn’t have found. Now this integration allows them to instantly transfer candidates to the Bullhorn ATS and advance them through the recruiting funnel faster. The outcome: better, faster hiring results,” ENGAGE Talent Head of Products Kristin Lewis said.

ENGAGE Talent will showcase its AI-powered predictive passive candidate recruiting software, including the Bullhorn integration, at the SourceCon Conference Sept. 24-26 in Atlanta.

To schedule a demo and learn more about the ENGAGE Bullhorn integration and other integration opportunities, please contact David Seifert, Director of Partners at ENGAGE Talent, at david.seifert(at)engagetalent(dot)com.

About ENGAGE Talent

ENGAGE is the world’s first AI-powered platform to combine Talent Mapping, Competitive Intelligence, Passive Candidate Sourcing, and Outbound Recruiting in one brilliant Talent Targeting and Engagement engine.

ENGAGE enables active recruiters to efficiently source from a live stream of over 100 million passive candidates or enrich their own CRM and ATS candidates with predictive, AI based insights. ENGAGE continuously monitors your candidates and alerts you with predictive availability signals when a candidate is likely ready for a new opportunity.

Recruiters who leverage ENGAGE’s predictive analytics are able to more than double their candidate engagement rates.

For information about ENGAGE Talent, please visit www.engagetalent.com.

Media Contact:

Robby Gulri