HeartMath® LLC and Trajectory Health Collaborate to Measurably Reduce Stress and Improve Health in Corporate America

Boulder Creek, California — March 11, 2010 — HeartMath® LLC has announced a partnership with Dallas-based Trajectory Health LLC, to deliver clinical stress management solutions to the corporate marketplace. HeartMath’s partnership with Trajectory Health is a breakthrough in offering a more holistic approach to helping clients through true stress management expertise, a critical component in health care management.

Bruce Cryer, President and CEO of HeartMath LLC, said, “Stress is the driving force in many of the costliest chronic conditions, as well as an expensive factor in sickness, absenteeism, and pharmaceutical usage. The impact of stress on health and the bottom line is gaining increasing attention by major U.S. health providers as well as corporate benefits directors and the C-suite.” Cryer added, “Our work with Trajectory Health will allow us to reach more organizations and help reduce their health care costs and improve the lives of staff and leaders alike.”

Many companies have a fundamental flaw in how they manage employee benefit plans, focusing exclusively on managing current health claims and individuals with existing chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. HeartMath and Trajectory Health will concentrate on measurably slowing the production of new disease before a catastrophic event occurs, working with companies to design, implement and evaluate clinical intervention programs with employees. The HeartMath offering will become an important component of Trajectory Health’s clinical intervention programs.

Wally Gomaa, MHA/MBAA, President of Trajectory Health agrees that many of today’s health problems are directly related to or significantly impacted by stress. Gomaa said, “We are confident that by bringing our corporate clients the scientifically-proven award-winning HeartMath Program to help neutralize, manage and even prevent individuals’ stress that they will see positive, measurable results and a healthier work force.”

According to The American Institute of Stress, 75-90 percent of all doctor visits are related to stress. Over time, stress wears down the immune system and contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression and sleep disorders.

Catherine Calarco, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HeartMath LLC said, “The HeartMath System was designed for the complexity and speed of life today — it’s the right program for these times. We have developed practical, proven solutions that get to the core of preventing and transforming today’s stressors.”

Numerous published studies substantiate the effectiveness of HeartMath’s stress management program in a wide range of occupations and industries. Those benefits include rapid and sustained improvement in lowering stress, improving health, well-being, performance and vitality of participants. In one landmark study with a HeartMath client, an http://www.heartmath.com/templates/ihm/downloads/pdf/rca_heartmath_analysis_report.pdf [independent actuarial analysis] compared the utilization of medical and pharmacy benefits of two cohort groups — individuals who participated fully in the program versus those who did not. Employees who participated in the HeartMath program saved their employer an average of about $585 each in health care costs. That ROI is predicted to double in year two of the program.

Gomaa added, “With the HeartMath program we can identify and create behavior change with at-risk individuals so that we measurably reverse the production of disease and improve clinical results. Ultimately, this will help employers to eliminate claims from the system.”

HeartMath is offering a free webinar for those interested in learning more about this new program. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th from 12:00 pm to 1:00pm PST. For more information send an email to

About HeartMath LLC
HeartMath LLC (www.heartmath.com) is a cutting-edge performance company y providing a range of unique services and scientifically-validated programs, products, and technology to improve health, well-being, performance and productivity while dramatically reducing stress. HeartMath research studies have demonstrated significant improvements in clinical outcomes such as hypertension, cognitive performance and metabolic syndrome, and organizational outcomes such as staff retention, health claim cost reduction, employee and customer satisfaction. HeartMath studies have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology and the Harvard Business Review. Organizational clients include Stanford Business School and Stanford Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Redken, Duke Medical Center, NASA, the VA, as well as dozens of school systems and thousands of health professionals around the world.

About Trajectory Health LLC
Trajectory Health (http://trajectory-inc.com) is a healthcare consulting firm helping employers, insurers, medical providers, pharmaceutical companies and others implement solutions to fight healthcare inflation for employers and their covered members. Trajectory Health focuses on delivering wellness programs that bring measurable clinical improvement and financial results. Trajectory Health’s ultimate goal is measurably reducing the production of disease that drives the majority of health-related costs for clients.


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