Helping Jobseekers: Job Board's Direct Webcam Video Interviewing Connects Employers with Top Talent

Seattle, Washington (June 24, 2010) — and iViewXpress announced the launch of the HR industry’s first virtual video interview enabled sales job board today. The two companies have joined forces to integrate iViewXpress’s cutting edge video job interview technology with SalesGravy’s popular job board, allowing employers to see job candidates’ unrehearsed video interview answers before identifying the top applicants for on-site interviews. They will demo this innovative “Interview-Ready” job board at the upcoming SHRM Annual Conference in San Diego at Booth 420., the world’s largest sales job site, is well known as a fast-growing, international online community for sales professionals. Fans of the site love the fact that they can build their professional networks, look for jobs and access numerous sales resources. SalesGravy is unique in that it has the highest web traffic of any online sales community and it provides members with a wide range of learning and professional opportunities. iViewXpress is a technology leader in the growing virtual interview market, enabling companies and recruitment agencies to conduct online job interviews via scalable cloud-computing video services. Its patent pending technology makes iViewXpress the only video interview service provider that can process the 1.2 million job interview recordings per month expected for a large job site like SalesGravy. The company’s recruiting software allows companies to save time and money by screening out unqualified candidates and inviting only the top candidates to interview in person.

Any jobseeker can tell you that there are countless job boards online. A simple web search for “job board” will result in thousands of hits. Yet, despite the availability of information on job openings, jobseekers are frequently unable to move past the resume submission point in the job application process. SalesGravy’s new video interview enabled job board helps these candidates by including a “Direct Interview” button. Candidates can choose to participate in unrehearsed video job interviews that will be sent directly to recruiters. Before submitting their direct interview, iViewXpress offers all candidates Free Sales Job Interview Practices to help them familiarize themselves with video interviewing. Once a candidate finished the “Direct Interview”recording, the recruiter will be notified and can view the videos online securely. Recruiters can then decide whether or not to invite candidates to participate in the next round of the interview process based on the information gained from the candidate’s video answers to interview questions.

“Having the opportunity to observe an applicant’s attitude and communication style is especially important for sales positions. Your salesperson represents your company, so you want to find the best fit from hundreds of applicants effectively,” explains Jeb Blunt, CEO of SalesGravy. “Employers gain invaluable information about candidates’ ways of presenting themselves that simply cannot be obtained by merely reading candidates’ resumes. Fortune 500 employers are constantly competing to hire top talents. Direct Interview can give a company the edge it needs to reach the best candidates before they are hired by competitors.”

The SalesGravy/iViewXpress collaborative job board also allows employers and recruiters to search for and video interview candidates within the SalesGravy community. After identifying promising resumes, recruiters can apply the video interview questions most relevant to their current job openings, invite candidates to record video interviews and receive candidates’ unrehearsed answers. Employers and recruiters can also score candidates’ responses from the Video Interview Portal, allowing them to objectively compare candidates and share opinions with other members of the hiring team. If the employers have existing application tracking systems, they can easily embed SalesGravy’s video interview results into their corporate HR systems.

The addition of a video job interview component to the recruitment process has the potential to be advantageous for both job applicants and employers. Applicants can show their personalities in a way that is impossible to do on a resume. Recruiters can reduce the time spent on phone interviews and prescreening, focusing only on top candidates, and can even forward candidate interviews to hiring managers. While online video interviewing is particularly helpful for positions in the sales field, where communication style is of key importance, employers in other fields are quickly seeing the benefits of learning more about candidates before spending the money to fly them in for on-site interviews. Recruitment agencies and job boards in a wide range of fields will begin utilizing virtual interview technology with increasing frequency very soon.

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