HR Allen Consulting Services Provides Small Businesses With Dependable, Trouble-Free Payroll Services

Citrus Heights, CA — January 5, 2009  — HR Allen Consulting Services announced today that it is now providing affordable and reliable payroll services for small businesses. Our payroll service is cheaper than ADP and Paychex by 35%-50% per year.

Top Ten Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

1. Stop payroll taking time away from growing your business
2. Alleviate Pain
3. No need to purchase expensive payroll stationery and software
4. You do not have to recruit, train & pay for specialist staff
5. You can offer Direct Deposit
6. Avoid IRS Penalties
7. It’s cost effective
8. Outsourced payroll services absorb the liability risk if there should be a payroll mistake
9. Having a payroll service file business taxes and IRS reports can not only save you time but eliminate costly penalties by errors done by a small business
10. Several time and money saving reasons including cost of payroll software, training and all the time researching tax and necessary IRS information can dwindle away countless hours that could been productively spent on creating a profit while you focused on your own business.

Why Choose HR Allen Consulting Services

• On average, we are 35%-50% cheaper per year than ADP and Paychex.
• We guarantee accurate and on time payroll and tax forms.
• We file your year-end and quarterly federal and state tax deposit and filings electronically (if available by state)
• We offer over 18 different payroll and tax reports
• We offer multi-state payroll
• Free Direct Deposit
• Payments to independent contractors
• Secure client employee website for pay stub access
• You will never miss a tax deadline or pay the wrong amount
• All your payroll information will be maintained and available
• Say goodbye to payroll hassles
• Get more for your money using our services
Workers’ Comp payments made easily
HR Allen Consulting Services means no payroll problems. There’s nothing better than personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business.

Mention this press release and pay no “Set-up Fee.”  That is a $49.00  savings.

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HR Allen is a one-stop shop Human Resource consulting and outsourcing firm providing Human Resource management services for small and medium sized businesses. We offer a full list of cost -effective services and products to help businesses manage their Human Resources while reducing cost and time consuming administrative functions.


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