HRsoft Announces Growth of Its STAYview(TM) Software Solution to Increase Employee Retention and Engagement

Source: HRsoft
Dated: October 14, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. — HRsoft, a leading High Impact Talent Management(TM) software company, has announced strong growth of STAYview(TM), a cloud software solution designed to increase employee retention and lower turnover to enhance organizational success.

The new STAYview(TM) Software as a Service (SaaS) solution automates complete workflow to allow employers to implement and manage Stay Interviews. Stay Interviews are a dialogue between leaders and employees about what needs to be done to keep the associate with the company. Stay Interviews include a series of direct questions about what the employee finds satisfying about his or her role in the organization along with what areas need improvement. This 20 to 30 minute conversation helps with career development, employee engagement and improving retention.

The software is a tool to make sure these conversations are taking place. It gives leaders a higher level of comfort in carrying out the interviews by providing a structured set of questions with a simple process to follow. The software makes it routine and part of the expected way of doing business for an employer, rather than an ad hoc event.

David Kennedy, CEO of HRsoft, said, “Employee engagement and retention are high on the talent agenda for employers today. Companies recognize that keeping top talent is a critical key to their success. The STAYiew(TM) software produces a personalized Stay Action Plan based on the results of each interview. This plan is designed to clearly state what is to be done to address the desires of each employee and keep them with the organization. We work with employers in a range of industries, including health care, business services, manufacturing, technology and hospitality.”

While Stay Interviews have been around for some time, STAYview(TM) is the first software designed to be a turnkey solution for implementing and managing the end-to-end workflow. After the initial STAYview(TM), periodic Stay Interviews are conducted to continue the process and update the Stay Action Plan. The software comes with a guarantee to reduce an employer’s annual turnover by at least 20 percent.

A key human resource metric for any organization is employee engagement and retention. HRsoft believes that employers need to seek ways to be proactive and strengthen results in these areas. Just like customer satisfaction scores, on time delivery, financial performance and quality metrics, retention and engagement levels are controllable. Organizations with high employee retention and engagement realize superior business results.

STAYview(TM) was designed in response to the market’s desire for actionable ways to enhance retention. The solution is based on the belief that this must be personalized since a one-size-fits-all program can not address the needs of all employees.

Analytics and Reporting are an important element of the STAYview(TM) solution. Retention forecasts are created to track trends and help identify corrective measures. HRsoft works with employers to configure the software to their specific requirements.

All elements of a Stay Interview program are managed in a convenient way with the STAYview(TM) software:

– Training and guiding managers on conducting Stay Interviews
– Managing the organization’s relationships and tracking who is to conduct the STAYview
– Organizing and managing the process of conducting Stay Interviews
– Configuring the customized Stay Interview questions
– Producing Stay Action Plans for employees based on results of the interview
– Producing analytics to show leaders those employees who are likely to separate from the company along with a standard set of reports on retention
– Scheduling with reminder prompts to ensure STAYviews are completed on schedule
– Increasing visibility to retention and engagement issues
– Providing leaders the tools and confidence necessary to conduct Stay Interviews and act on their results

Increasing retention and engagement is a key goal for all organizations. STAYview(TM) is designed to give measurable results for employers in achieving that goal.

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