Improving Performance: The Five-step Plan

March 22, 2010 – Oro Valley, AZ – Most leaders are resigned to ineffective methods of holding employees more accountable when things go wrong. Now, productivity improvement expert Kevin Herring provides five simple, yet powerful, tests to analyze performance problems, and describes how to correct them in a way that consistently boosts productivity.

As an example, Step One in the plan is the “Ahhh” test. The troubled employee sits on a chair in front of you, opens his mouth, and says what he knows about the business. If all he can say is “ahhh” or “uhhh,” he definitely has a problem that will affect his performance. A healthy employee will be able to describe products and services in some detail as well as how the work is performed. He or she should be able to talk about the competition and how well the business is doing.

The solution is to begin remedial treatment immediately with a liberal regimen of business learning until he or she can pass this test.

The article explains that although it won’t substitute for a thorough examination, the Five-Step Plan for improving performance can help with the most common ailments that show up in the workforce. It will help develop examination and diagnosis skills to allow the leader to choose the best prescriptions for performance problems.

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