Insala Demonstrates How Mentoring and Diversity Used Together Can Solve Problems and Generate Opportunities for Today's Organizations

Insala, the global leader in mentoring and talent management solutions, announces its upcoming webinar on September 29, 2010 at 12pm ET: “Mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion: Aligning Diversity with Bottom Line Results.” Visit to reserve your place.

Along with free admission, attendees get a real treat: the opportunity to have their most pressing diversity questions addressed by guest speaker Margaret Crawley, a subject matter expert with 27 years of experience in directing and implementing talent management and diversity initiatives.

“For talent and business leaders, the greatest challenge is understanding how mentoring for diversity `fits in’ alongside existing talent processes and activities,” says Crawley. In addressing that challenge, this webinar will revolutionize how organizations view mentoring, diversity, and the contribution of each to overall business strategy. Attendees will be guided through a compelling business scenario that involves workplace diversity as a crucial talent tactic, and mentoring as the key enabler of strategic and sustainable diversity management.

Yet the question still remains, how does technology fit in with mentoring initiatives or diversity management? “Particularly in the realm of diversity and inclusion, where applying tangible metrics to intangible attributes is an ongoing challenge, mentoring software can help to generate the program accountability and credibility that leaders need,” says Judy Corner, mentoring subject matter expert and director of consulting services at Insala, with 20 years of experience in the mentoring space. “As managers and leaders, we all want our talent initiatives to be the best they can be. Technology enables us to set consistent and transparent criteria for program participation, track program progress, report on both intended benefits and positive externalities of the program, and evaluate participant satisfaction against overarching business goals.”

About Insala
Insala is a leading global provider of Web-based software for organizations implementing talent management initiatives. Insala’s mentoring solutions include mentoring program implementation for corporations and educational institutions, mentoring consulting services, and mentoring software. Please visit us at or for more information.

About Margaret Crawley
Margaret holds 27 years of experience in leadership development and optimizing individual and team performance at various organizations in the technology, education, energy, and non-profit sectors. Previously, she was executive director of the Texas Diversity Council, as well as diversity manager at Energy Future Holdings Corporation. Today, Margaret is the chief executive officer of M.A. Crawley Enterprises.

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