Interaction Associates presents with Curtiss-Wright Flow Control at the 2010 HCI Engagement & Retention Conference

Driving Leadership Capacity and Employee Engagement

(Cambridge, MA) — The 40-year innovator of advanced methods for developing facilitative leaders, Interaction Associates (IA), will co-present on driving leadership capacity and [employee engagement] in collaboration with Curtiss-Wright Flow Control at the 2010 HCI Engagement & Retention Conference.
The session, entitled, “Leadership Development Strategies for High Engagement,” will take place at the Waltham Westin Hotel in Boston, MA, October 5, 2010.

Speakers Andy Atkins, Director of Research and Development at IA, and Donna Tanenbaum, Director of HR for Curtiss-Wright Flow Control (CWFC), will discuss IA’s original research on trust and engagement, and show how CWFC is developing a cohesive culture of collaboration, engagement, and involvement across 26 different and separate business units. The session will answer the urgent question for many leaders today: “How do you drive employee engagement and build leadership capability in the midst of today’s business turmoil?”

“We are delighted to share our research and CWFC’s dramatic positive experience with the leaders participating in the HCI Engagement and Retention Conference,” said Linda Dunkel, President and CEO of Interaction Associates. “Trust, engagement, retention of high performers — these are factors that drive a company’s success. Facilitative Leadership is the key to engaging employees and creating a business that can survive our harsh economic realities to become stronger than ever,” she added.

Recent IA research into the intersecting areas of trust, leadership and collaboration conducted on behalf of Interaction Associates revealed common characteristics of high-performing organizations. This research is being used inside of IA’s client organizations to remain competitive even in a down economy.

Participants in the interactive conference session will receive:
-Valuable research findings on how the recession has affected leadership, collaboration, and employee trust inside a variety of organizations.
-Insight and direction on the specific behaviors that help drive leadership, collaboration, and trust, tied to your your company’s strategy.
-An appreciation of how Curtiss-Wright Flow Control increased employee engagement and is driving business results by focusing on building a leadership culture that fosters employee empowerment and inclusion.

Read a report and toolkit on Interaction Associates’ Research on Building Trust in Business here.

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Interaction Associates is a 40-year innovator of advanced methods for developing Facilitative Leaders: The exemplary and unique talent within organizations with advanced skills in self awareness, strategic thinking, and a unique capacity to engage others. Facilitative Leaders are adept at addressing complex, interconnected business issues that contain multiple business variables and affect numerous stakeholders. IA has offices in Boston and San Francisco. Find more info at:

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