InterviewStream, Premier Provider of Video Interviewing Technology Forges European Partnership with Interview Vision

InterviewStream, Inc. is expanding its global reach through a new partnership with Interview Vision, a Dublin-based video interviewing company. The partnership will utilize innovative video technology to offer cost-effective video interviewing experiences to customers in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The partnership between InterviewStream and Interview Vision will help businesses and recruitment companies in Europe to efficiently execute recruitment campaigns. The technology makes it possible for companies to undertake live screening or create pre-recorded video interviews that greatly reduce travel and other recruitment costs by over 50% while facilitating increased collaboration among hiring teams. Candidates can also preview the company culture before they interview with pre-recorded videos about the company that enhance employer branding efforts.

“Combining the powerful recruitment solutions of InterviewStream with the extensive European reach of Interview Vision will enable us to rapidly increase our foothold and offer the latest in video interviewing technology to companies across Europe. It is a market that has a strong and growing requirement for quality, cost-effective video recruitment technology, and we are looking forward to fulfilling that need,” said James Hughes, President of Interview Vision.

“We are very excited to enter into our partnership with Interview Vision to provide state of the art solutions and service throughout Europe,” commented Roger Saylor, President and CEO of InterviewStream. “Combined with our existing partnerships in Japan and Australia, this provides InterviewStream with a truly global solution for all components of effective video solutions throughout the hiring process.”

About InterviewStream

InterviewStream, the premier provider of video interviewing technology, continues to offer students and talent professionals a comprehensive global solution to prep, hire and train.

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About Interview Vision

Interview Vision is the premiere software for recruitment agencies and companies wishing to go a step further in their efforts to recruit top talent. Interview Vision will save both time and money and will help recruit top talent from any location.