Make Your ATS Fall in Love with AI

When we talk about the rising gaps in the recruitment process, we look for a permanent solution.

The obvious solution is an Applicant Tracking System. It streamlines your recruitment process by organizing the entire system, filtering profiles of candidates, creating a comprehensive database, etc.

But does your ATS offer advanced functionality to its users?

Are there areas where you need improvements?

With a traditional ATS,

  • recruiters often miss on identifying qualified candidates. Manual screening of resumes takes a lot of time, and there are chances to ignore resumes of quality candidates.
  • job applications remain lengthy. Candidates tend to leave the application in between if they have to fill in their resume details again, even after uploading the resume.
  • recruiters tend to spend more time and effort on hiring candidates.

What’s the solution to these challenges?

It’s artificial intelligence.

That’s right! It is an indispensable part of an ATS.

An ATS can offer a diversified product to its clients by using recruitment analytics solutions. Partnering with the latest technology will surely deliver amazing results.

Let me pinpoint how recruitment analytics solutions can help an ATS enhance its functionality and experience faster onboarding of clients.

It is a three-step process.


Help recruiters screen candidates quickly with the help of a resume parser. A resume parser extracts candidate information from resumes and saves it in data fields such as education, experience, skills, qualification, etc.

  • Parse resumes from multiple sources.
  • Parse resumes in bulk.
  • Parse resumes in any document format i.e. doc, docx, pdf, html, rtf, etc.

2. Match

Semantic match helps you in finding the perfect candidate from your own database through synonym matches related to location, skills, education, job title, etc.

Get similar matches from resumes and jobs such as

  • Job to Resumes– Get more candidate recommendations for a job position.
  • Resume to Resumes– Get similar candidate recommendations matching a specific resume.

3. Enrich

Are you looking to enrich your candidate data?

Enrichment marketplace is a unified white-label enrichment marketplace that empowers global ATS/CRM to launch their own marketplace easily.

  • Get all the services you need to enrich your data on this platform.
  • It requires one-time integration.
  • It provides more than 1000 use cases for data enrichment.

Are you excited to know more about this three-step process? Schedule a call with me.