Michael C. Fina Recognition Infographic Shares Ways to Recognize Employees Over the Holidays

Michael C. Fina Recognition, a leading rewards, recognition, and incentives provider, today launched a new infographic: “5 Ways To Keep Engagement Up Over the Holidays.” The infographic offers organizations tips for maintaining employee motivation and productivity during the holidays, as well as recognizing employees for their work achievements.

“Research shows that December is the No. 1 most stressful month for employees, so it is important to pay close attention to how you are supporting workers during this busy holiday and end-of-year season,” said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications of Michael C. Fina. “Showing extra consideration for employees’ time, as well as increasing recognition efforts with a meaningful holiday gift or a special thank you is critical.”

According to Michael C. Fina’s infographic, the top five ways to maintain engagement during the holidays include:

1) Respect work-life balance
2) Celebrate holidays as a team at work
3) Avoid Black Friday blues by paying extra attention to employee schedules
4) Make temporary workers feel welcome by communicating seasonal goals
5) Recognize employees for their efforts and show that they are valued

In addition, Michael C. Fina Recognition released their 2017 Recognition Planner to help organizations stay on top of workplace celebrations. From “Thank Your Mentor Day” in January to “Employee Appreciation Day” in March, each year there are numerous events, holidays, and industry observances that provide opportunities to recognize employees in a meaningful way.

“There are opportunities to recognize employees in fun and meaningful ways all year long,” added Himelstein. “Engagement doesn’t have to stop after the holidays, nor should it.”

Michael C. Fina Recognition’s “5 Ways to Keep Employee Engagement Up” can be viewed at: http://www.mcfrecognition.com/resources/5-ways-keep-engagement-holidays/.

The 2017 Recognition Planner can be viewed at: http://www.mcfrecognition.com/resources/recognition-planner-2017/.

About Michael C. Fina Recognition
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