New E-Course Will Help HR Managers Transform Their Workplace

Minnetonka, MN, November 16, 2011 – Who’s best qualified to help transform their workplace? A new e-course by Minnesota-based WFC Resources says it’s definitely Human Resources. The company’s latest Web-based course is featured on its brand-new website at WFC Resources, along with dozens of free resources and guides for making the workplace more supportive and effective.

Called “Introducing Flexibility: A Guide for Human Resource Staff,” this new e-course is designed to guide HR managers and staff every step of the way as they work to create a workforce that’s committed, engaged, productive and effective.

This is the eleventh e-course created by WFC Resources, a Minnesota company that has for the past 25 years been helping organizations create workplaces that are uniquely flexible and supportive. The firm’s online courses on flexibility, stress management, performance and telework are being used in more than 100 companies worldwide, and the new website features free demos of each course.

Said WFC Resources’ vice president, Rachel Hastings, “We believe that in order to survive in this economy, you have to light a fire under your talent – find the magic that will make them super-engaged. And we believe Human Resources professionals are most qualified to transform workplaces that may have grown fearful and stodgy during the recession. That’s why we produced this course.”

The course has four modules: “Understanding workplace flexibility,” “Taking the plunge,” “Making remote work work” and “Flexibility for low-wage and hourly workers.” It will guide HR staff as they choose a task force, create their own business case and get the go-ahead from top management. And then it will help them guide managers as they pilot flexible work arrangements, including telework.