New Website Levels the Employee Assessments Playing Field for Small & Medium Sized Companies

Aspen Organization Development Consulting (Aspen OD) today announces the launch of their new website,, which provides small and medium sized companies with an easy way to order cost-effective, high-quality employee assessment services online.

Designed with the needs of “resource conscious” companies in mind, the new website showcases Aspen OD’s employee assessment services and gives business owners or key decision makers the power to:

Order Securely Online – No more playing “phone tag” or waiting for invoices. Order and pay for your employee assessment services online through’s secure shopping cart

Order Only What You Need – Unlike other employee assessment service providers, there are no minimums to purchase. Order only the number of assessments you need

Hire An Organization Development Team to Manage the Process – There’s no need to learn how to use complicated software or waste time tracking and following-up with employees who haven’t taken their assessments. The Aspen OD Team manages the assessment process from beginning to end, which gives you time to focus on other important projects

Companies that order Aspen OD’s employee assessment services are provided with well-designed, easy-to-understand reports that can be used when making critical hiring or employee development decisions. Aspen OD offers four employee assessment services:

1. 360 Degree Feedback Assessments – Aspen OD’s 360 Degree Feedback Assessments provide employees with confidential, anonymous feedback reports from the people they work with. This assessment uses Aspen OD’s proprietary 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Framework, making it a cost-effective solution for small and medium sized companies who do not have an established competency model.

2. Pre-Employment Assessments – Aspen OD’s Pre-Employment Assessments accurately assess the attributes of job candidates including: work style, problem solving ability, emotional intelligence, and fit with the organizational culture. The Pre-Employment Assessments are available to assess job candidates in seven standard “job families,” but they can also be tailored to the individual needs of a job or company. The Pre-Employment Assessments meet with EEOC guidelines on employee testing and help business owners and hiring managers make the best possible hiring decisions.

3. New Employee Integration Reports for Employee Onboarding – Working in conjunction with the Pre-Employment Assessments, this assessment dramatically shortens the time it takes for an employee to become effective in their new position by providing them with a snapshot of how they are likely to interact with team members and other key people in the company.

4. Team Effectiveness Assessments – Aspen OD’s Team Effectiveness Assessment provides teams with a tool to help them plan their work and receive the feedback they need to stay on track and deliver results.

“We wanted to create a website and set of employee assessment services that leveled the playing field for small and medium sized businesses,” says Ben Nash, co-founder and COO of Aspen OD. “Larger organizations typically have well-defined Human Resource departments that manage a company’s employee assessment needs. They have the resources to manage the process from beginning to end, as well as the budgets to develop complex competency models. With our new website and services, any company, no matter the size or available resources, can effectively reach their employee assessment goals and make better, more informed human capital decisions.”

To learn more about Aspen OD and their employee assessment services, please visit

About Aspen Organization Development Consulting

Since 2007, Aspen Organization Development Consulting (Aspen OD) has been serving customers throughout the U.S. and Europe, offering their expertise and services to companies both large and small. In 2011, they made the decision to focus their efforts on their Employee Assessment Services with the vision of helping leaders in any organization, regardless of size or resources, make the best hiring and employee development decisions possible. They make this possible by offering cost-effective, high-quality, well designed, and easy to understand employee assessment reports that can be ordered through their website and delivered to their customers anytime, anywhere.