Profiles International Share a Forecast of Future Sales in "The Salesman's Almanac"

Waco, TX. November 18, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released insight into projected future sales trends in a new eBook titled, The Salesman’s Almanac: A Forecast of Future Sales. This white paper does exactly what it claims–predicting the future of sales while offering tips to salespeople and sales managers to adapt to the changing climate.

The landscape of sales is changing. Salesmen have become salespeople, and salespeople’s roles are becoming automated–deeply supported by technology. From the 21st century moving forward, salespeople will need to know how to adapt, and sales managers will need to know how to assemble the right sales team.

By downloading Profiles International’s new white paper, you will learn:
-A Brief History of Sales
-Future Trends in Sales
-How to Harness Technology for Sales Success
-Tried-and-True Traits of Successful Salespeople
-How to Hire a Sales Team for Success

For more information, and to download The Salesman’s Almanac: A Forecast of Future Sales, visit or click here.

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