QuantumWork, The Technology Business of Allegis Global Solutions, Offers Solutions to Help Displaced Workers Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic and Financial Crisis

(CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 5, 2020) QuantumWork, found online at Quantum.Work, is employing its Platform as a Service (“PaaS”) technology to help displaced workers during the current Covid-19 crisis and global economic shutdown.  With global unemployment claims reaching staggering numbers, including millions per week in the United States alone, the total talent solution offered by QuantumWork allows recruitment, procurement and HR leaders to match and stack rank talent fast. Within a single platform, candidates are run against all of their open positions, including traditional employment, contingent and on-demand work.

The technology has specific benefits for both employees and employers during this time of economic shutdown and rapidly increasing global unemployment.  For companies facing downsizing, adding displaced workers to the QuantumWork technology will make them more visible to potential employers, and more easily searchable for rehire in the near future based upon their unique skills and qualifications.  And for employees furloughed or displaced, the technology will improve their ability to be rehired by increasing their visibility specific to matching positions.

“Despite the unprecedented effects of Covid-19 and the surrounding global economic shut-down, organizations are still hiring, and companies continue to search for talented workers,” said Randy Gulian, General Manager for QuantumWork.  “Our QuantumWork technology can help expedite the process and place workers in positions fast—whether it is full-time employment, part-time, contract or on-demand.”

Steve Parker, Head of Product and Technology mentioned, “QuantumWork is adapting to the current situation in order to help furloughed or displaced workers improve their opportunity to be rehired while helping organizations plan for the tough decisions they might have to make within the current global crisis.”

QuantumWork, an autonomous startup fully funded and supported by Allegis Global Solutions, is the first product on the market to deliver talent data and redeployment capabilities across all worker classifications and talent types.

Because QuantumWork indexes all data from all forms of talent from millions of proprietary and external data points and compares these with historical data, QuantumWork leverages the intelligent algorithms built into the “Quantum Core” platform to automatically search, match and rank the most relevant candidates across an employers’ different talent pools and databases.

Gulian concluded, “our tech makes it easy to search and match workers to soon-to-be open jobs and roles.  The goal is to get your downsized employees back to work in the most efficient manner possible.”

To learn more about QuantumWork, or to utilize the QuantumWork platform in support of your efforts to mitigate the economic effects of Covid-19, visit quantum.work.


About QuantumWork

QuantumWork’s comprehensive talent platform provides complete visibility across talent systems and sources so that companies can make better hires faster. By extending and augmenting, rather than replacing existing CRM, ATS and VMS systems, QuantumWork aggregates these various data sources into a single, simple solution which provides access to all talent, all in one place.

QuantumWork’s unique approach produces highly personalized results that help find not only the most relevant candidates but also those most likely to succeed based on actual data specific to a company, industry and job function. QuantumWork means all your talent, all in one place. To learn more, visit quantum.work.