RChilli Introduces An Exclusive Incubator Program

RChilli is happy to announce the launch of its Incubator Program. The program is designed to help its new customers experience the amazing benefits of parsing and matching at an affordable price.

RChilli has been a part of the HR tech industry for more than 10 years. The company started as a startup and is now the most trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment. It completely understands the challenges a startup has to face to grow in the industry. With this program, it extends a helping hand to the emerging companies in the HR Tech space by providing world-class services and living their journey with them. The program is open to all the new customers of RChilli.

Some exciting features of the program are:

  • The users can parse 10,000 documents for just $150 with a validity of three years.
  • They can test RChilli Resume/Job Parser, Search & Match Engine, and Taxonomy.
  • Get free publicity on social media through RChilli.
  • Easy integration.

It is the easiest way to get started with RChilli. The company has ensured that the process of joining this program is short and simple. To join the program, the users need to sign up on RChilli MyAccount to test the products. They will be given the ability to parse their resumes in a scalable manner. In short, they can test RChilli Resume/Job Parser and Search & Match Engine with their own set of resumes.

The moment they sign up through this program, the users can start using RChilli’s parsing, matching, and taxonomy services by following a few simple steps and get the output in JSON format along with technical API details.

According to Lovepreet Dhaliwal, President-Sales, RChilli, “RChilli incubator program is a gamechanger in the HR Tech industry. It not only allows the users to use our products at a nominal price but also provides a complete package of all the required services. The entire motive of launching this program is to help the users explore the unlimited potential of our products with minimal investment.”

The users can join RChilli’s Incubator Program to explore its benefits.

To know more about RChilli, please visit http://www.rchilli.com.

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