RealTime Performance Enters Partnership with Pfeiffer to Offer Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool

SEATTLE (June 8, 2010) — RealTime Performance, a provider of web-based leadership assessment and development tools, announced it is a technology provider for Pfeiffer’s recently released Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) 360. Pfeiffer is an imprint of John Wiley & Sons and the partnership enables both Pfeiffer and RealTime Performance to offer their customers a scientifically valid tool for assessing emotional and social intelligence, which has become an increasingly important topic in the workplace.

Using Pfeiffer methodology and research in the emotional and social intelligence area and customizing the core technology used in the existing RealTime 360-degree evaluation tool, RealTime Performance has developed the Web-based EISA 360. Pfeiffer’s methodology and research is based on work by Dr. Steven Stein et al of Multi-Health Systems. Pfeiffer is able to quickly deploy the assessment tool to its customers at a fraction of the cost of developing the technology internally. In addition, RealTime Performance provides technical and administrative support to Pfeiffer customers implementing the EISA 360 tool.

“RealTime Performance is a leading technology provider for 360 surveys and they were able to rapidly customize their core technology to support the innovative EISA 360 survey and detailed reporting requirements for this product,” said Debra Hunter, president of the Pfeiffer imprint for John Wiley & Sons. “By partnering with RealTime Performance and leveraging the RealTime 360 platform, we are able to provide our customers an easy-to-use product for assessing emotional intelligence in the workplace.”

The EISA 360 uses a multi-rater system to measure emotional intelligence that includes self-report results and feedback from an employee’s manager, peers and direct reports. The EISA 360 tool generates a unique individual feedback report with an employee’s scores on five different factors, including perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving and influencing. The report provides insight into an employee’s current level of emotional and social functioning in professional situations and identifies areas for improvement.

“The EISA 360 fills a real need in our industry and services our existing clients with an instrument backed by a decade of research and supported by normative data,” said Sean Murray, chief executive officer of RealTime Performance. “Partnering with Pfeiffer, a leading publisher in the training and leadership development industry, opens a new distribution channel for the RealTime 360 platform and helps us both serve new clients and access new markets.”

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