Second City Communications Launches RealBiz Shorts Talent – Targeting Funny & Engaging Video Content to Help Talent Management and HR Leaders Improve Employee Education.

CHICAGO, Oct 30, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The popular video subscription library co-created and used by hundreds of global companies, RealBiz Shorts, now features content addressing a wide range of HR, employee development, and talent management challenges.

Second City Communications (SCC), the business solutions division of the world-renowned improvisational theatre, The Second City, launched RealBiz Shorts Talent today – with hilarious video content developed in collaboration with 20 global companies as founding members. A preview of RealBiz Shorts is available here.

Content for RealBiz Shorts Talent is developed through Second City’s trademark approach to creative development, which brings together industry leaders and HR/Talent innovators in an improv-based crowd sourcing process that is highly collaborative and iterative.

Initial creative development took place in Chicago and Toronto – future sessions are planned for early 2015 and are open to new participating companies that seek new content for engaging employees.

Second City’s collaborative process involves working with industry-specific user communities to identify and target important and timely topics in employee and leadership development – including leadership challenges, managing change, employee onboarding, giving & receiving feedback, and employee communications.

More than 450 global companies – including Google, DOW Chemical Company, and Deloitte – are members of the RealBiz Shorts community and have contributed to the creation of content that dramatically improves employee engagement, internal communications, message retention, and training ROI. In addition to HR & talent topics, RealBiz Shorts features subscription content for ethics and compliance, life sciences, and sales effectiveness.

“Second City is honored to collaborate with elite talent management professionals from a variety of industry leaders,” said Steve Kakos, Vice President at Second City Communications. “We’re building a community of members that love the benefits of collaborating with Second City in such a unique Improv-based manner, accessing engaging, wholly original content through a convenient, cost-effective subscription, and connecting in a peer-to-peer professional network for sharing insight across numerous industries,” Kakos added.

Now in it’s 4th year, RealBiz Shorts is the largest library of business-focused humorous content of its kind. RealBiz Shorts videos are popular communication tools to help companies draw attention to and reinforce their most important policies and employee education in a positive way, to help change the culture around how these subjects are received.

“Utilizing humor in training programs moves employees out of the ‘checking a box’ mentality,” said John Kolmer, Human Resources Manager, Global Leadership Development at Dow Chemical Company. “It offers an experience that comes alive in front our employees and is presented in a way that encourages retention,” Kolmer added.

About Second City Communications

Second City Communications (SCC) is the business solutions division of the world-renowned improvisational theatre company, The Second City. Drawing on The Second City’s 50-year legacy of connecting with audiences through powerful, incisive content, SCC works with hundreds of Fortune 1000 clients each year in blended learning/training programs, internal communications initiatives, and brand marketing assignments. For more info on RealBiz Shorts Talent,