Select International to Share Multiple Research Findings at I/O Industry Conference

Employee assessments provider, Select International, will present a variety of posters/papers and participate in panel discussions at the 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). The event takes place at San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt on April 26-28.

Members of Select International’s R&D and consulting teams will host panel discussions and conduct poster presentations spotlighting the company’s industry-leading research on various hiring issues, including assessing culture fit, predicting accidents through job simulations, and understanding applicant/incumbent response patterns.

At the three-day conference, Select International will present its findings in a number of ways:

Four poster presentations
– Location, Location, Location? Chosen Testing Location and Differential Test Performance
– Going Native? Test Development and Adaptation for Papua New Guinea
– Going Beyond Personality: The Development and Validation of a Multi-Method Integrity Measure
– Simulate the Job: Predicting Accidents Using a Work Sample

Two Panel Discussions
– Alternate Methodologies for Assessing Culture Fit in the Applied Realm
– Renorming and Custom Norming: How, When and Why?

Seven Symposium Papers, including
– Using Bogus Items to Detect Faking in Service Jobs
– Cultural Equivalence of a Global Situational Judgment Test
– Does Proctoring Impact Measurement Methods Differently? An Evaluation in a High Stakes Testing Environment

“The researchers at Select International are consistently chosen to present at SIOP, our industry’s leading conference,” said Dr. Matthew O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder. “We’re committed to conducting ongoing research so we can continue to provide cutting-edge assessment solutions to our clients.”

About Select International
Select International develops employee assessments and hiring systems to help organizations identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce. The company’s employee selection and development solutions include pre employment assessments, executive assessment, online interview training, manufacturing assessment tests, healthcare hiring assessments, customer service assessment tests, and tools to help organizations hire safe workers. Select International works closely with its clients to improve hiring at all levels, and across all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service, energy, retail, transportation and logistics, and distribution.

Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and maintains offices throughout North America and around the globe. For more information on Select International, call 1-800-786-8595 or visit their website.