Success with New Client, Barbasol

Select International recently announced hiring milestones and successes achieved at Barbasol’s new manufacturing plant in Ashland, OH, which officially begins production this week. To date Barbasol has used the Select International hiring system for 25 new hires and has greatly reduced the time-to-hire in the process. The company expects to hire as many as 60-75 employees through 2016.

Based in Pittsburgh, Select International is a global provider of human resource assessment solutions. A producer of shaving cream products, Barbasol is owned by Perio, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, OH.

Barbasol initially contacted Select International in October 2009 to help implement a hiring process for the company’s Ashland manufacturing plant startup. The project included hiring for a variety of positions – ranging from building care to plant manager – and Barbasol wanted to establish a consistent and lawfully compliant process that would also cut down on administrative time and costs.

“We’ve been so impressed with the hiring solutions that Select International has put into place,” said Don Buckingham, Sr., Executive Vice President at Perio (Barbasol Brands). “As a result, we’ve reduced our time to hire and also greatly decreased administrative time to review resumes – two major metrics for Barbasol. The partnership between Barbasol LLC and Select International allowed us to implement a process where we could identify quality candidates from the Ashland community. It resulted in our being able to hire a start-up crew of whom we are most proud!”

Barbasol is currently using the following Select International products and solutions:
• EZ App® – an automated, interactive application process that pre-screens candidates
• Select Assessment® for Manufacturing – an interactive assessment that evaluates candidates for hourly positions in manufacturing environments
• SecureFit® – an assessment that screens out high-risk hires who are least likely to be safe, dependable and productive
• Select Assessment® for Professionals – an online assessment that measures key cognitive abilities and personality traits that predict success in professional-level roles
• Select Assessment® for Leader Professional – an online assessment that measures key leadership competencies for first-level supervisors/managers in the manufacturing industry

Barbasol will celebrate the plant’s opening with a building dedication ceremony on May 19.

About Select International
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