(Lincoln, Neb.) – Talent Plus, Inc. has named Tony Zeringue and Tony Rutigliano to lead their sales team.

Tony Zeringue, Regional Vice President, West, in his more than 15 years of sales and sales leadership, routinely works at the intersection of innovation, science and economic viability. Prior to joining Talent Plus, Zeringue supported the launch of several Class II medical devices playing a pivotal role in the award-winning launch, adoption and success of life-saving technology. He has worked in the human capital selection and development space, helping to launch a solution platform which greatly accelerated career coaching throughout entire organizations. “I work to understand how talent tells the story of an organization’s success, providing solutions that accurately amplify and replicate that success through focused talent selection and development,” says Zeringue.

Tony Rutigliano, Regional Vice President, East, has had the privilege of working with senior executives and more than 150 organizations to improve hiring practices, talent management, leadership development, succession planning and organizational cultures over the past 30 years. He is the author of two bestselling books on sales, “Strengths Based Selling” and “Discover Your Sales Strengths: How the World’s Greatest Salespeople Develop Winning Careers”. Rutigliano remarks, “I am able to open clients’ eyes and ears to the power of talent and what it can do for an organization’s culture, customer engagement and, ultimately, their bottom line.”

“The Sales, Marketing and Client Strategy team is excited about the continued growth and onboarding that enhances Talent Plus’ sales know-how. Each of these individuals is a component of Talent Plus’ sales transformation to work in real time with client partners from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. We are thrilled to welcome Tony Zeringue and Tony Rutigliano to Talent Plus. Their Talent Creates Excellence!” offers Denise Caleb, EdD, MEd, PHR, SHRM CP, Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, Partnerships and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

About Talent Plus

Talent Plus, Inc. is the premier human capital and talent management consulting partner. As experts at each critical inflection across the talent lifecycle, their solutions scientifically assess, select, onboard, develop, coach, engage and retain the right people with the right talents to grow and gain a profound and sustained competitive advantage over industry peers. With offices in the USA and Singapore, visit www.talentplus.com or call 1-(800) VARSITY (827-7489).


Cydney Koukol, MA, EVP, Communities