Technology Culture Adapts to Self-Service Online Solutions, says Insala

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX – December 15, 2009 – Insala, the global leader in career development and talent management solutions, observes significant increases in self-service online solution use owing to technology culture shift.

During the launch of Insala’s online outplacement and career transition software, EmploymentTalk™ in 2000, organizations and individuals were customarily using face-to-face coaching sessions, classroom group workshops and offline exercises, with online activities requiring close guidance.

Today, with deep cuts in training budgets, companies are moving towards less costly alternatives in the form of online solutions to develop talent, and they’re finding a workforce ready and able to adapt. Online communication and self-development solutions have become accepted alternatives for people’s careers and have prepared them to more quickly assimilate and more readily adopt self-service, Web-based training and career development opportunities.

“While our client population has certainly grown since our earlier EmploymentTalk™ days, we’ve noticed a remarkable change in the number of users and ease with which users more frequently use technology personally and professionally,” says Phillip Roark, president and CEO of Insala. “We see a marked increase in trust and access to Web technology that has led to a greater adoption in online systems for careers, personal growth and communication, and we think the economic downturn will continue to open the door for online systems.”

With Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and American Express competing in the virtual meeting space, there has been a greater reliance on technology for collaboration. Companies are cutting their corporate spending via use of online solutions, maintaining face-to-face interactivity using Web cam and video technology.

Residential Internet connectivity has dramatically improved since 2000 with the use of broadband, and with the rise of social networking, individuals from all generations are becoming more accustomed to online self-driven solutions that can be used almost anywhere at any time, allowing for greater autonomy and flexibility for users.

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