Terryberry Introduces Three New Employee Recognition Products Designed for the Evolving Workplace

Global employee recognition leader Terryberry introduces several new products specially designed to help employers reward and recognize workers’ contributions more effectively for today’s businesses.

Among the new offerings are: The 360 Recognition Platform, an all-encompassing online platform for employee recognition; The Recognition Collection 2015, an all-new award selection program; The Folio, an award presentation kit.

The 360 Recognition platform uses advanced software to provide users with tools that increase the impact of recognition and eliminate unneeded administration – tools like social sharing, notifications, robust reporting, and smartphone app technology. A single online hub manages and displays all types of recognition in the business, and creates an ongoing storyboard of team and individual successes. The social-style user interface enables peers to view recognition, comment, and applaud. Recognition can be given at multiple value levels, from non-monetary appreciation for daily efforts, to significant awards for top achievements. The integrated smartphone app puts recognition within reach at all times, allowing users to give, receive, and monitor recognition from a mobile device.

“360 Recognition is really revolutionizing the way employers use recognition. It makes recognition accessible to everyone in the organization at an unprecedented level,” says Terryberry’s Managing Partner Mike Byam. “It creates a powerful snapshot for leaders to get a handle on employee engagement and the successes that are happening in their business.”

The new Recognition Collection 2015 is a turn-key award selection program, requiring minimal administrative resources from internal human resources departments to implement and run. The collection includes 20% more reward choices and more variety than its predecessor. Byam explains, “The expansion was a reflection of the diversity of today’s workplaces. The Recognition Collection 2015 provides abundant options for the many different interests and styles among award recipients.”

Terryberry’s newest award presentation kit, the Folio, is designed to hold a personalized certificate and an award selection catalog with a magnetic closure and a built-in easel. “The Folio creates a great visual during a public award presentation, and leaves the recipient with a piece that they can proudly display,” Byam explains.

The new product offerings are available by contacting Terryberry at http://www.terryberry.com.

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