The Employee Engagement Institute Partners with BullseyeEvaluation to Provide an Employee Engagement System Connected to Business Performance

Houston, TX – March 26, 2013 – BullseyeEvaluation, LLC today announced its partnership with the Employee Engagement Institute to provide a comprehensive employee engagement solution. As a pioneer and long-time champion for employee engagement, the Institute will combine its content and tools with BullseyePerformance, a SaaS performance management solution, and build upon its reputation for connecting employee engagement to business performance.

“Fully engaged employees lead to superior performance,” commented Tom McCoy, Director of the Employee Engagement Institute and author of the Amazon best selling Human Capital book Employee Engagement: The Framework For The Future. “A culture of engagement will outperform strategy every time,” asserts McCoy.

The employee engagement solution features:
#1. Relevant information and tools for engagement such as a Readiness Index, an Engagement Survey, an Action Planning process, scorecards and benchmarks, employee feedback system and an easy-to-use performance management system.
#2. Processes that enable employees to use the tools to act on the information and content tools for education, training and problem solving.
#3. A reason for employees to become engaged. Rewards linked to improvement and compensation, incentive and recognition plans.

“Organizations use BullseyePerformance to identify star performers, track progress against goals, and foster collaboration and communication,” commented Adeel Zaidi, founder of BullseyeEvaluation. “Having this comprehensive engagement system enables employees to think and act like business partners.”

Why Employee Engagement Matters:
1. Revenues, profits, cash flow and company value increases.
2. Ease of operation improves as people and processes are aligned with strategy.
3. The company becomes an employer of choice and can attract and retain the best talent.
4. Leaders, managers and employees work together like business partners.
5. The customer base increases as the company becomes a supplier of choice.

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About the Employee Engagement Institute
The Employee Engagement Institute is a leading resource for solutions on how to develop engagement and company culture. For over 20 years they have helped companies achieve their goals by engaging employees to think and act like business partners. For more information, visit

About BullseyeEvaluation, LLC
BullseyeEvaluation is a web-based performance management solutions company that helps to optimize employee and operational performance of companies, non-profits and academic institutions. Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions for both human capital and operational performance management. Our employee performance solutions improve engagement by facilitating frequent communication and incorporating social feedback. Our business intelligence solutions display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator dashboards. All of Bullseye’s products are user friendly, configurable and quickly deployed. For more information, see