TransparentMe Service Helps Job Candidates Perform Their Own Criminal Background Checks

CLEVELAND / February 17, 2010 — With the release of TransparentMe (, job-seekers can discover any skeletons in their closet before a potential employer does.

The public records provider allows candidates to perform an online criminal background check on themselves in a matter of days or even minutes — revealing any negative information that could keep them from landing their next job. With identity theft on the rise, the service can also serve as an alarm that one’s identity has been compromised.

“In today’s hyper-competitive job market, a background check can make the difference between landing a dream job or being cast aside in favor of someone else,” said Jason B. Morris, co-founder and principal. “TransparentMe equips a job seeker with information so they can be proactive with a potential employer instead of defensive.”

“More companies than ever are conducting background checks on their job candidates — as many as 85 percent of all employers,” said Nick Fishman, co-founder and principal. “Also, identity theft is forcing candidates to find out the hard way that their character and personal information has been tainted. TransparentMe arms people with knowledge so they can avoid unpleasant surprises that might impact their future career.”

The service is offered in three package levels: Basic ($19.95), Enhanced ($34.95), and Comprehensive ($69.95). All levels provide the following three services:

– Identity Verification — This search conducts a social security number trace, ensuring that an individual’s number isn’t being used by anyone else. The trace also provides a history of addresses where a customer has applied for credit. Most employers use this type of search as a roadmap to determine which court jurisdictions should be researched for criminal records and what names to check.

– National Criminal Records Database Search — A search of databases that comprise millions of records from various sources in the United States. These records are obtained by commercial vendors from several different sources including: County Court Houses, State Departments of Incarcerations, State Record Repositories, Probation Departments and Townships.

– National Sex Offender Registry Search — This multi-state database search provides sex offender case information in an easy-to-read report. Extensive search capabilities will check registered sex offender data sources nationwide, including: Bureaus of Investigation, Departments of Law Enforcement, Departments of Corrections, Departments of Justice, Departments of Public Safety, Sheriff’s Departments, State Attorney General’s Offices and state police agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Basic level results are available within minutes. The Enhanced level includes the above services as well as the following searches:

– Current County of Residence Criminal Records Search: An on-site manual search of the superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal court records in the user’s current county of residence. A national network of professional court researchers covers all 3,500+ county court jurisdictions and will indicate if a subject has a felony, misdemeanor and possibly an infraction filing within the last seven years or longer.

– Homeland Security Search: This security check cross-references the user’s name against more than 14 worldwide known terrorist and fugitive databases that include individuals, organizations and companies considered a threat to global and national security. The Homeland Security Check database is updated daily as various lists are modified.

Results for the Enhanced and Comprehensive levels are available in one to four days. The Comprehensive level includes all five services above, but also allows users to conduct a criminal records search in up to five counties across the country.

Add on services such as Employment Verifications, Education Verifications, Reference Interviews and Professional License Verifications are available on all of the above packages.

About TransparentMe
TransparentMe is a public records provider that allows job candidates to gain a competitive edge in finding the perfect job, through self-administered background checks. Our approach is simple: provide clients with the peace of mind that there won’t be any surprises when prospective employers conduct their own due diligence. For more information, contact:

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