What Team Communication Apps Are Companies Using?

What Team Communication Apps Are Companies Using

What Team Communication Apps Are Companies Using?

To find out which team communication apps are most popular among professionals, we asked seven experts from various industries to share their favorites. From the director of content’s preference for Google Chat to the co-founder’s love for Trello, discover the top seven communication apps these leaders rely on for seamless collaboration and productivity.

  • Google Chat: Syncing Made Easy
  • Notion: Customization for Clients and Employees
  • Slack: Robust Chat and File Sharing
  • Basecamp: Comprehensive Project Management
  • Skype: Reliable Remote Team Connection
  • Microsoft Teams: Secure and Easy Communication
  • Trello: Effective Communication and Customization

Google Chat: Syncing Made Easy

Google Chat is an underrated communication app. Unlike Slack, where you need to connect Zoom, Docs, and your email, Google Chat syncs up Google Meet, Docs, and Gmail perfectly. If you don’t need a bunch of unique connections, Google Chat will get the job done and keep everything in the same place.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Notion: Customization for Clients and Employees

As a business that has to engage with both clients and employees virtually, Notion has been a lifesaver! Not only is the site easy enough to use that anyone can get the hang of it, but it also allows for customization. 

I can build a special dashboard for my employees with all the internal tools they need: team information, user guides, etc., that they can refer to and update as they work. I have another dashboard for clients as well, through which they can communicate with the team, subscribe, etc. All they need is one link!

Manasvini Krishna, Founder, Boss as a Service

Slack: Robust Chat and File Sharing

It’s probably a typical answer, but our team does a lot of communication via Slack. A robust chat with file-sharing capabilities is the perfect wedge between the more formal email and video conference options. Because we have a range of time zones at play, scheduled messages are useful in our workflows.

Trevor Ewen, COO, QBench

Basecamp: Comprehensive Project Management

As a business expert, my favorite team communication app for companies is Basecamp. While it may not be the first app that comes to mind for team communication, it offers a user-friendly interface and various integrations with other tools, making it a versatile option for teams. Basecamp is more focused on project management and task delegation, rather than team communication. 

However, it has messaging capabilities and a strong emphasis on collaboration and organization, which can be beneficial for teams that need to stay on top of tasks and deadlines. For example, a marketing team can use Basecamp to manage their advertising campaign, delegate tasks, and keep track of deadlines while communicating with team members through messaging and commenting on tasks. 

Overall, Basecamp is a great option for companies looking for a comprehensive tool that combines project management with team communication.

Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company

Skype: Reliable Remote Team Connection

At our company, one of our favorite team communication apps is Skype. With team members in various parts of the world, Skype has proven to be a convenient and seamless tool for creating an effective remote working environment. 

Whether it’s team meetings, one-on-one discussions, or group collaborations, Skype provides a reliable platform for us to connect and communicate.

Loren Howard, Founder, Prime Plus Mortgages

Microsoft Teams: Secure and Easy Communication

One of my favorite team communication apps that my company uses is “Teams” by Microsoft. The best thing that I like about the app is its security, ease of use, plus we can arrange and record our meetings, share screens, etc. 

We can create public or private groups based on our working domains and also add team members by just searching their emails. Personally, I like it because it uses a single email address provided by the company to each employee.

Shahzaib Mushtaq, Assistant SEO Analyst, CureMD

Trello: Effective Communication and Customization

Trello is our favorite team communication app because of its communication features that help keep everyone up-to-date. With Trello, we can comment, attach files, and receive notifications on any task. Trello provides an easy-to-use platform that can be customized to suit every team’s specific needs. 

Whether organizing a product launch, scheduling social media campaigns, or keeping track of team meetings, Trello proves to be an effective communication tool. For example, our marketing team uses Trello to plan out and discuss upcoming campaigns. 

By sharing ideas, providing feedback, and automating tasks, Trello has made it easier to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

Roy Lau, Co-founder, 28 Mortgage