What’s the Alternative to Google Hire?

Hey! Did you read that Google Hire is shutting down?

It is a G Suite tool designed especially for recruiters at small and medium-sized businesses. Though the reason for its going offline is unknown, its users can still use it till September 1st, 2020. However, Google will not add any new features.

Have you explored what you will do after Google Hire goes shuts down officially?

You might want to know about the alternatives to Google Hire.

Let’s see what options you can have.


CutShort brings modern mindset, cutting-edge technology, and accurate data to help you hire smart and relevant talent faster.

It offers AI Match and AI Engage.

AI Match: Apart from skills and experience, this module also shows candidates based on skill competencies, the SaaS startup context, previous hiring actions, areas the candidates are interested in, etc.

AI Engage: See the new face of hiring automation with Voila, an intelligent assistant. Voila automates the shortlisting process by engaging candidates on behalf of the employers.

2. Eva.ai

EVA is the #1 intelligent recruitment automation platform. It helps companies automate their recruitment funnel by allowing them to find quality talent using powerful prediction engines. It also matches candidates to jobs with precision.

3. TMap.com

TMap indexes and engages talent at scale using machine learning and big data. It identifies, qualifies, and engages talent by mapping and scoring the addressable talent pool. Many companies call it a gamechanger for their business as it helps them land key strategic hires.

4. RecruitBubble

A recruitment software solution, it helps recruiters increase their efficiency. With its fast, secure, and time-saving modules, you can achieve your potential. The software gets you the right talent by matching candidate skills with ease.

5. TalentNet 

TalentNet is a leading human capital management software company that helps enterprise organizations attract, retain, and engage quality talent. It develops and nurtures rich talent pools and provides a candidate-centric experience.

Applicant tracking systems ensure quick onboarding of clients by enhancing their functionality with the help of a resume parser. A parser extracts the resume information and saves it in data fields. Apart from this, it helps an ATS deliver an exceptional candidate experience by allowing the candidates to apply for a job on the go.

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