Workplace Technology Expert Jessica Miller-Merrell Announces Workology at 2012 SHRM Annual Conference

Jessica Miller-Merrell, Chief Editor of and author of Tweet This! Twitter for Business, is unveiling a new concept to intersect technology, culture and social media all at work.

Workology will work for candidates as well as employees providing a one-stop shop for today’s high-tech workforce.
With links into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Workology will create a wow workplace that drives results and delivers engagement for everyone.

Employee social media and other workplace engagement technologies could help save US companies $370 billion this year. Through increased retention and channels to develop relationships, employees can communicate more effectively through social media as well as being engaged contributes to productivity.

Miller-Merrell says, “Workology will go beyond the generation and workplace stereotyping and teach how passion, person and personality align the workplace with technology on multifaceted levels. It’s where social media, mobile, and technology are used at your office to create a culture and employment brand that captivate your employees’ driving passion and captures your candidates’ attention.”

Miller-Merrell will unveil this concept during her presentation, “How Social Media Changes HR” ON Tuesday morning at 10:45 AM at the 2012 Annual SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Conference in Atlanta.

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