World Class Sales Competency Model

Chally aligns with ASTD’s World-Class Sales Competency Model and creates the Chally Sales Development Analysis.

Dayton, OH — June 14, 2010 — Chally proudly announces the creation of the Chally Sales Development Analysis, an integrated measurement tool that maps Chally’s sales competency model to the World-Class Sales Competency Model developed by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). The combination results in an industry leading competency and sales talent analytics measurement tool.

ASTD’s World-Class Sales Competency Model is a research-backed benchmark that has gained respect and acceptance in the marketplace. It identifies the knowledge, skills, and actions required to drive increases in revenue and profitability.

“ASTD members have frequently asked us for a way to measure their current and potential new hire sales talent against these competencies,” states Brian Lambert, co-creator of ASTD’s World-Class Sales Competency Model. “Chally’s research in sales complements evidence-based initiatives in sales training,” he adds.

HR Chally’s own World Class Sales Research methodology and online Predictive Assessment tool enables sales leaders to measure and then predict their sales team’s potential. Mapped to the ASTD World-Class Sales Competency Model, Chally’s new Sales Development Analysis tool delivers significant value/impact on common points that keep sales leaders up at night:
•Sales transformation efforts
•Where/Who to focus training efforts
•Who has the potential to sell consultatively
•Who can hunt or who can farm
•Who are future sales managers
•Selecting the right Sales people

Chally brings a 35-year history of success in Sales Assessment and Research and has created a benchmark database of some 400,000 successful sales people. Chally research indicates that a sales professional’s competence accounts for nearly 40% of a customer’s buying decision – it supersedes the company’s ability to offer a total solution, the quality of the product/service, and price.

With so much weight in the buying decision dependent on a sales professional’s competence, the right salespeople need to be in the right roles and measured and trained on the right competencies.

“Sales training and the development of sales professionals who act as trusted advisors for their clients are vital to any organization,” notes Lambert. “Sales people are the key competitive advantage and sales organizations are making significant investments of time, resources, and energy to ensure that they have sales professionals and sales managers who can compete in today’s complex marketplace.”

With Sales Development Analysis linked to training and reinforcement tools, Chally can help to increase a sales force’s productivity by matching sales professionals to roles that best fit their inherent potential.

About ASTD
ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field. In more than 100 countries, ASTD’s members work in organizations of all sizes, in the private and public sectors, as independent consultants, and as suppliers. Members connect locally in 130 U.S. chapters and with 30 international partners. ASTD started in 1943 and in recent years has widened the profession’s focus to align learning and performance to organizational results, and is a sought-after voice on critical public policy issues. For more information, visit

About Chally
Chally is a leading Sales Research/Talent Management company delivering measurable ROI associated with selecting, aligning and developing World Class Sales Forces. Through predictive assessment and talent analytics, Chally leverages actuarial science and Six Sigma/Lean/Total Quality Management performance methodologies. Beginning with a thorough understanding of each job, Chally validates highly-specific, non-generic competencies customized for clients’ languages (corporate/multicultural) versus just looking at personality characteristics. The result: an intuitive, accurate, customized approach for the sales lifecycle – selection, on-boarding, development, performance improvement, succession management, exit interviews, and potential versus actual performance measurement.