Your account settings in one place at My Account

Your account settings in one place at My Account .appleLinksWhite a {color: #424242 !important; text-decoration: none !important; cursor: text !important; pointer-events: none !important; white-space: normal !important;}



Controls to protect and secure your Google Account




We want you to know that you can manage your privacy and security settings in one place, My Account.


My Account helps you manage your Google Account settings. For example, you can use Account History to manage or edit your activity on Google, such as your search queries and the places you have been. With Ads Settings, you can tell Google what kinds of ads you would like to see and not see — and you can control ads based on your interests.


Additional tools and features let you:


Check your key privacy settings by taking the Privacy Checkup


Secure your account with a recovery phone number


Control other account preferences, such as language and accessibility options


You can adjust these settings and more whenever you want at My Account.



The Google Accounts team