Work4 Launches Social Recruiting Score, a Free Tool to Help Companies Assess and Improve Their Social Recruiting

October 1, 2013 No comment

In response to the growth in the number of companies that are using social networks to recruit new talent, today Work4, the #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution, launches the Social Recruiting Score. The Social Recruiting Score is an internet-based tool that analyzes a company’s social and mobile recruitment efforts in real-time. It is based on a [...]

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Work4 Brings Talent Sourcing to Mobile Devices with Social Ads, Referrals, and 1-Click Apply Process

September 23, 2013 No comment

In the realm of talent acquisition technology, “social” and “mobile” have historically been seen as two separate yet complementary strategies for recruiting talent. ¬†However, times have drastically changed: People now spend more time than ever before engaging with friends and brands on social media, and they are doing it increasingly from a smartphone or tablet. [...]

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Work4′s Latest Feature Encourages 230+ Million Users to Fill Education, Professional Info into Their Facebook Profiles

August 20, 2013 No comment

For businesses, becoming more efficient at discovering and connecting with the right Facebook users is imperative to Facebook success, especially with Facebook recruiting. More than ever, with the release of Facebook’s Graph Search, alongside continual improvements to Facebook’s advertising platform, companies require users to complete Facebook profiles in order to identify the right users at [...]

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Work4 Reveals Why Facebook is a “Most Valuable Player” for Recruiters Winning the Talent Game in New Whitepaper

August 15, 2013 No comment

More and more each day, Facebook proves itself a fertile ground for the future of the recruitment industry. From an enhanced Newsfeed for engagement of a talent community to optimized ads for targeting candidates to Graph Search for sourcing, Facebook’s platform is an ideal place for recruiting from among the 1.1 billion users who use [...]

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