Arbita Partnership Advances the State of Recruiting Search Tools

Minneapolis, MN — June 16, 2010 — Arbita, a leader in recruitment marketing and sourcing solutions, today announced its partnership with TalentSpring Inc., a leading provider of semantic search and resume ranking technology for recruiters.

“The partnership further strengthens Arbita’s position at the forefront of the technological revolution changing the way recruiters work, the way organizations allocate their resources, and the way candidates find jobs,” said Don Ramer, CEO and founder of Arbita.

“This new revolution comes in the form of newly advanced tools that leverage semantic search technology for candidate sourcing, and it will change the face of recruiting,” Ramer said. “Our partnership with TalentSpring brings Arbita clients the most advanced, and at the same time, most practical and effective resume search engine capabilities available for recruitment today.”

Many recruiters use Boolean search string queries to find qualified candidates across job boards, social sites and other Internet sites. Semantic search changes the current keyword focus of electronic sourcing to the conceptual meanings that are found within resumes and job descriptions. Semantic search engines return results that are much more targeted than traditional Boolean searches.

Going a step further, a semantic search engine like TalentSpring — designed to focus specifically on recruiting — will yield even more precise candidate search results and with far greater volume, than any other search program.

“We are pleased to have the TalentSpring Resume Sourcing System as part of Arbita’s suite of recruiting solutions,” said, TalentSpring President Bryan Starbuck. “Combining Arbita’s sourcing knowledge and expertise with the TalentSpring Resume Sourcing System brings Arbita’s customers the fastest and most economical way to fill interviews with great candidates for even the most hard-to-fill positions.”

TalentSpring’s semantic search engine for recruiting has two key capabilities that other solutions don’t provide:

1. It understands the concept, not just the keyword being searched for.
2. It is able to rank and filter search results using “smart” ranking systems that intelligently present the results.

“With this double-barreled combination, recruiters get an intelligent search tool that can duplicate the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of candidate sourcing,” Ramer said. “Recruiters no longer need to be wasting their time on searches, when TalentSpring can intelligently and effectively derive context, subtext and meaning for them.”

In their informative thought leadership paper, “Semantic Search: Sourcing Success Beyond Boolean Search,” Starbuck and Arbita Executive Vice President Shally Stecker, put it this way: “Semantic search finds unexpected matches between the job description and candidate resumes by searching for `soft’ keywords in the job description and candidate resumes. Boolean search’s exact match logic doesn’t allow for this kind of matching flexibility.”

Download a complimentary copy of “Semantic Search: Sourcing Success Beyond Boolean Search” now to learn more about this major advance in recruiting technology.

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About TalentSpring, Inc.
Seattle-based TalentSpring, Inc., is a leading provider of semantic-search technology for talent sourcing. The service enables recruiters and hiring managers to quickly find resumes for both passive and active candidates on social networking sites, job boards, and corporate application tracking systems (ATS) utilizing semantic-search technology and a revolutionary resume-ranking algorithm. More information on the company and its services can be viewed online at

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