Profiles International Releases "Six Steps to Successful Sales"

Waco, TX. November 5, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has released a sales eBook titled Six Steps to Successful Sales. The eBook contains tips to improve sales effectiveness for both salespeople and managers, and offers advice to maximize sales force productivity.

Salespeople in today’s modern workforce are no longer the stereotypical, product pusher types. They are solutions providers to their prospective clients. Research outlines how successful salespeople (in comparison to employees in other fields), possess a unique set of personality attributes that enable them to succeed.

The content of the new eBook includes:
-9 Sales Practices You Should Always Follow
-Catch a Falling Star: How to Save a Flailing Sales Rep
-The One Skill That Will Make You Better at Managing a Sales Force
-Are Your Salespeople Burnt Out
-Ways to Coach Your Salespeople to the Top
-Show me the Money: How to Maximize Sales Force Productivity

For more information, and to download “Six Steps to Successful Sales,” visit

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